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Escape Plan – Official Trailer (2013) Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger [HD]

00:00:10the mind of a mannequin fine works

00:00:12differently than someone on the outside

00:00:14he sees things in a different way

00:00:17a successful break out depends on three

00:00:20things knowing the layout understanding

00:00:25the routine in help from outside are a

00:00:34great breslin is able to break out of

00:00:37any prison designed by Mia we’re testing

00:00:41a prototype facility to deal with people

00:00:43no government wants on their books the

00:00:46people financing this need to know these

00:00:48facilities are escape-proof contact

00:00:50on-site the wardens name is Roger Mars

00:00:52where do we start we just did welcome to

00:00:59your new

00:01:04immortan hops posh forward Marsh

00:01:10there is no warden was this is the

00:01:14reality and there’s no way out

00:01:16go make some friends you’re gonna need

00:01:17them back away

00:01:21who were you before you came in you

00:01:23never get a prisons for a living you

00:01:25don’t look that smart you don’t either

00:01:27it’s okay for you to be here

00:01:32race gone off the grid where is he this

00:01:34is the shadow world codenamed attune

00:01:36phrase anyway it’s it where’s here oh no

00:01:40this was a setup

00:01:42somebody wanted to bury me give a choice

00:01:44he could die in here or it can get up

00:01:47and punish put you yeah I’m gonna find

00:01:49out who and I’m gonna find out why

00:01:52let’s do it I need a diversion


00:02:08drag the rats back to the cages if I

00:02:11don’t get out I kill your heart fair


00:02:19Guto whoever put me here I’m gonna burn

00:02:23this place to the ground