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Top Ten Protest Songs and the Events that Inspired Them – 3


00:00:00the other type of song to come out of

00:00:02the Vietnam War was what we’ll call the

00:00:05the hopeful protest song and also kind

00:00:09of the type of song where an artist for

00:00:11the first time says okay well here’s

00:00:13what we’re gonna do about it as opposed

00:00:14to just saying this is horrible this is

00:00:15horrible this is horrible look around

00:00:17our societies falling apart for the

00:00:19first time we’re sort of given other

00:00:20options in another form of song and a

00:00:22great example of that is John Lennon’s

00:00:25give peace a chance now I was very

00:00:27excited to finally find a place to get

00:00:28John Lennon on this list because it

00:00:30seems ridiculous to talk about about

00:00:32protesting and opening up one’s mine and

00:00:34not mention the man who wrote imagine

00:00:36but I think the most quintessential song

00:00:38that we need to associate with John

00:00:40Lennon it to do with the Vietnam War is

00:00:42his anthem give peace a chance now John

00:00:46Lennon got married to Yoko Ono and when

00:00:48he did instead of a honeymoon John

00:00:50Lennon and Yoko Ono decided to stage

00:00:52what they called a bed-in for peace and

00:00:55it actually happened in Montreal at the

00:00:56ritz-carlton hotel and essentially John

00:00:59and Yoko went to Montreal for their

00:01:00honeymoon they invited all the press

00:01:02along and they stayed in bed for a week

00:01:06laughing talking about love and singing

00:01:09about peace and they have little

00:01:10billboards in their beds and they

00:01:12invited the media join them and they

00:01:13said come to our bedding and that’s

00:01:17really fantastic I think it’s great it’s

00:01:19very indicative of John Lennon and John

00:01:21Lennon’s give peace a chance essentially

00:01:23he goes through any he calls it a lot of

00:01:25people but the the central lyric is just

00:01:28give peace a chance change it over and

00:01:30over and over because that was John

00:01:31Lennon’s message just give peace a

00:01:33chance a great fun fact about this is

00:01:35November 16th 1959 Pete Seeger led a

00:01:39crowd of 250,000 people through

00:01:42Washington chanting give peace a chance

00:01:45John Lennon’s give peace a chance over

00:01:47at over at over