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Rockstar Games – Table Tennis

00:00:03now what does rockstar have waiting for

00:00:05us down the pipe for the next generation

00:00:07first one of the games are that they

00:00:10released is actually table tennis for

00:00:13the xbox 360 now it’s really interesting

00:00:15that a company that’s gotten so much

00:00:17attention for creating controversy and

00:00:18allowing you to beat up prostitutes to

00:00:20take back the money decides to go the

00:00:22route of releasing a table tennis game

00:00:24for their next big hit but this game is

00:00:26actually not to be taken lightly the

00:00:28visuals and the presentation and the

00:00:30gameplay in rock star style are

00:00:32incredible to the point where there are

00:00:35times when I was playing when I would

00:00:37look at the cloth physics and the actual

00:00:39characters animations and sincerely um

00:00:41be fooled as to whether or not those are

00:00:45actually computer-generated graphics or

00:00:46I was really watching a table tennis

00:00:48tournament it’s one of those games that

00:00:50just goes to show that the company

00:00:52though it receives controversy and

00:00:54attention for certain reasons at the end

00:00:56of the day is just a really really solid

00:00:58developer and table tennis is really an

00:01:00example of rock star hitting its stride

00:01:02and doing what they do best which is

00:01:04making really really good games and

00:01:06finally the game we’ve all been waiting

00:01:08for at this year’s e3 conference Peter

00:01:12Moore of Microsoft actually rolled up

00:01:15his sleeve and show the tattoo he had up

00:01:17the grand theft auto four logo that many

00:01:20of you are probably thinking well didn’t

00:01:22grant the thought oh come out wasn’t

00:01:23that by city know what that actually was

00:01:26was grand theft auto vice city as his

00:01:28san andreas was an extension of the

00:01:30grand theft auto 3 universe but what

00:01:32that means now is that they’re gonna be

00:01:33rebuilding and creating a whole new dish

00:01:36to the franchise grand theft auto four

00:01:38now grand theft auto four for the first

00:01:40time it’s not coming out exclusively on

00:01:42Sony’s platform but will be available

00:01:44simultaneously on launch with the xbox

00:01:47360 and the playstation 3 so what can we

00:01:51expect from grand theft auto four well

00:01:53it really isn’t much known about the

00:01:54game at this time and it’s still a very

00:01:56early development as far as we can tell

00:01:57we do know one thing that if Rockstar is

00:02:00the company involved in taking care of

00:02:02this baby we’re gonna have an incredible