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Business School Tips – Which Business magazine is for you

00:00:01welcome to in today’s

00:00:04vision school bit we unveiled a new

00:00:05series that’ll take a look at some of

00:00:07the most popular business magazines out

00:00:08there being led by young professionals

00:00:10and students alike when it comes to

00:00:12business magazines as you can imagine

00:00:14there’s a full deck of cards out there

00:00:16but if you want to play your cards

00:00:17properly then you need to understand

00:00:18which is the right magazine for you so

00:00:21we unveiled the most popular magazines

00:00:22out there so you can find out which is

00:00:24the one that you should be paying or

00:00:25hard dollars for