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Golang Tutorial

00:00:00my name is Todd McLeod and I’m tenured

00:00:02faculty at my name is Todd McLeod I’m

00:00:08tenured faculty at Fresno City College

00:00:09I’m also adjunct faculty in computer

00:00:12science at California State University

00:00:13of Fresno I’m here as my good friend and

00:00:16fellow founder of Greater Commons

00:00:17Barnabus and we’re really excited to

00:00:20introduce you to the go programming

00:00:21language the go programming language is

00:00:24a great language to know it’s currently

00:00:26the highest-paying programming language

00:00:28in America and it has amazing

00:00:31credentials the reason it’s I saying

00:00:33programming language in America is that

00:00:34it has amazing credentials it was

00:00:36created by Google by luminaries and

00:00:38computer science Rob Pike Kim Thompson

00:00:40and Robert krasimir these are the same

00:00:42people who helped create the UNIX

00:00:44operating system the UNIX operating

00:00:45system you heard of that right and they

00:00:48helped create the B programming language

00:00:51which was the predecessor to the C

00:00:54programming language so UNIX B which you

00:00:57know C then followed that UNIX B and

00:00:59utf-8 and so these people helped create

00:01:02some of the bedrock stuff in Comp Sci

00:01:04and then in 2006 Google started to

00:01:07create a new programming language Google

00:01:08said hey all of the current modern

00:01:10programming languages aren’t meeting our

00:01:12needs and there’s reasons that at that

00:01:14time they started creating it they

00:01:16needed a new language so they created a

00:01:18new language so go has amazing

00:01:20credentials it’s a great programming

00:01:23language to learn to know and to code in

00:01:25and to know the go programming language

00:01:27you’re going to have great opportunities

00:01:28in your career whether you’re building

00:01:30something for yourself or you’re going

00:01:33to work for somebody because it’s

00:01:34currently the top paying programming

00:01:35language in America according to the

00:01:37Stack Overflow survey in 2017 so

00:01:40Barnabas and I are really excited you’re

00:01:42here and we’re really excited to

00:01:44introduce you to the go programming

00:01:45language we’re going to take you from

00:01:47zero to hero so if you are an

00:01:49experienced developer that’s great I’m

00:01:51going to we’re going to introduce you to

00:01:52all the nuances Barnabas will only be

00:01:54here for part of it depends upon how

00:01:55fast we get through the recording but

00:01:57we’re going to introduce you to all of

00:01:59the nuances of the go programming

00:02:00language and if you’re a brand new

00:02:02beginner we’ll have sections in there

00:02:04for the for the beginners which will

00:02:06bring you up to speed on stuff and so if

00:02:09you’re the experienced dev you can just

00:02:11jump right over those those techs

00:02:13for the beginners so this this course is

00:02:15for everybody and we’re teaching it

00:02:17because we’re passionate about it we

00:02:18love it and we love hanging out drinking

00:02:20beer and programming so we’re going to

00:02:23have a good time teaching you the go

00:02:25programming language and I’m really

00:02:27excited you here and in this course is

00:02:30going to serve you well in your life

00:02:31wherever you are in the world that’s why

00:02:33we started Greater Commons so that so

00:02:35that people all over the world can learn

00:02:38at a very nominal fee can learn really

00:02:40powerful skills to help improve their

00:02:42own lives so welcome to learning how to

00:02:45code with the go programming language

00:02:47grab yourself your beverage of choice

00:02:49and let’s get started

00:02:58cheers Cheers

00:03:01how do you think that how do you think

00:03:03that went

00:03:03you should be in the at the end of yeah

00:03:07how do you think that went good should

00:03:11we’ve added anything else I don’t know I

00:03:21don’t think so okay cool