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Need for Speed | National Geographic

00:00:10riding a motorcycle over 150 miles an

00:00:13hour or certainly not for the faint of

00:00:16heart a lot of things are happening very

00:00:18quickly so number one was our prototype

00:00:22Jay Leno bought so number two the first

00:00:24one we sold to the public and I was

00:00:26started the R&D dummy on it Ted would

00:00:28say drive it and if anything seizes or

00:00:30falls off a break I’ll take care of it

00:00:32at all I thanks that I appreciate it

00:00:34there’s nothing like riding the most

00:00:36powerful street-legal bike in the world

00:00:38to work helmet

00:00:43I mean he rides that bike he’s probably

00:00:46got about 8,000 miles on it and you know

00:00:49he loves you know it’s like being with

00:00:51the wrong woman you know you you

00:00:53shouldn’t be on it it’s not the right

00:00:54thing to do but gosh it’s a lot of fun

00:00:57in addition to the helicopter engine the

00:01:00bike features some additional bells and

00:01:02whistles a computerized dash unit

00:01:05monitors the bikes vital signs and

00:01:07performance everything you’re having a

00:01:09jet exhaust gas temperatures tachometer

00:01:12generator and then you have five pages

00:01:15of information can scroll through racing

00:01:17around at 200 miles per hour might not

00:01:20be for everyone is there anything

00:01:22dangerous oh yeah it’s a motorcycle with

00:01:24a jet in it runs on jet fuel you can’t

00:01:27get more danger than that but on the

00:01:30danger scale it’s on the lesser side of

00:01:32danger to keep the riders safe the bike

00:01:35features a high-tech rearview mirror an

00:01:38in-dash LCD monitor the reason we have a

00:01:42flat screen monitors you’re not going to

00:01:44look behind you and see what’s behind

00:01:45you 200 plus mile an hour rip your head

00:01:47off while the bikes writer may be safe

00:01:50from the heat of the engine the general

00:01:52public is not he’s got a license plate

00:01:55on the back he is now beware of jet

00:01:57blast and it all lights up and digital

00:02:00and everything if you were lucky enough

00:02:02to see the y2k in action Jay Leno Jess

00:02:05that you should keep your distance guy

00:02:08and I believe was a infinity it was

00:02:12right on my tail he kept inching up to

00:02:14see what it was I could see in my camera

00:02:17that his front bumper was made of

00:02:18plastic and the exhaust is 49 degrees so

00:02:22I can just see it go mmm-hmm just slowly

00:02:25melted of his glob and I was trying to

00:02:28pull away and he kept each inching up

00:02:30and I’m trying to pull I disagree and

00:02:32was the whole front end of melton by

00:02:34that time the life changed and that was


00:02:40while the MTT jetbike reaches speeds of

00:02:43over 250 miles per hour to break the

00:02:46world record of speed you need to go

00:02:48significantly faster back at the

00:02:51Bonneville Salt Flats three teams faced

00:02:54off in their quest for the motorcycle

00:02:56world speed record