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Bear Power | Explorer

00:00:03it’s hard to imagine being on the wrong

00:00:06end of such extreme engineering but this

00:00:12tiny video camera brings us up close and

00:00:15personal a camera worn by one of those

00:00:18rare humans skilled enough and brave

00:00:22enough to wrestle a grizzly bear

00:00:25in this corner at five foot eleven and

00:00:29220 pounds Homo sapiens

00:00:33aka Troy hi a professional animal


00:00:4246 and 550 pounds

00:00:50aka Adam the grizzly bear

00:01:00hundreds of times

00:01:07and for fun

00:01:13inhale again rings the rest of us as

00:01:16closest week I asked to feel his pain

00:01:21oh boy yeah what that feels like when he

00:01:25puts his weight on you crushes you could

00:01:27feel your vertebrae is crack and he’s

00:01:30just playing with a bear that nearly

00:01:33killed Lily Vancouver wasn’t fun

00:01:39is a grizzly when every

00:01:45in Montana a simple test may reveal the

00:01:49answer at the grizzly and wolf Discovery

00:01:54Center outside Yellowstone National Park

00:01:58engineering professor Doug Cairns and

00:02:00student Jason intuitive are set to

00:02:03calculate their power all they need are

00:02:08some very heavy objects and cooperative

00:02:12bears but bears don’t move large objects

00:02:16just to prove they can they need a much

00:02:19tastier reward

00:02:21I’ve got peanut butter and dry dog food

00:02:24that’s coated with maple syrup it works

00:02:29like a charm a thousand pound grizzly

00:02:32named Sam

00:02:45dumpster end-over-end lifting the 675

00:02:50pound wrong only one