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O’shea jackson jr – Motivational Speech


00:00:03gotta say I gotta say something before

00:00:05we get out of here I gotta say some

00:00:08today is my 25th birthday for those who

00:00:11dog now when I was 17 on this day when I

00:00:19was 17 years old I had a teacher give me

00:00:21a journal for my birthday I used to

00:00:30daydream in class all the time and I had

00:00:33a teacher Rochelle not know if I loved

00:00:35you she gave me a journal and on the

00:00:37cover of that journal it said go

00:00:40confidently in the direction of your

00:00:42dreams and live the life that you’ve

00:00:44imagined now that’s a quote from an

00:00:47American author Henry David Thoreau now

00:00:51I want everybody take a look in the room

00:00:52right now because if you don’t know we

00:00:56don’t under dogs Straight Outta Compton

00:00:59was my first taste of being the underdog

00:01:00I had to audition for over two years to

00:01:02get my role and a lot of people who work

00:01:06on the movie didn’t want me to get it

00:01:08but he wanted me to get it that’s really

00:01:12all that I need and so everybody to all

00:01:15the underdogs

00:01:17to everybody who’s has somebody tell

00:01:19them they can’t do what they want to do

00:01:21family members even tell them they can’t

00:01:23do what they want to do the people who

00:01:27look in the mirror and when you look in

00:01:29the mirror all you got is that one

00:01:31person that believes that you I’m here

00:01:34to tell you that’s all you need baby so

00:01:37to the underdogs I don’t care what it is

00:01:42you do I don’t care if you act I don’t

00:01:44care what job you have you got a boss

00:01:47that’s seen a dozen seeing a hundred

00:01:49seeing yo type a thousand times but let

00:01:52them know they see you yet