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Papou Paul’s Colibri 12v Solid State Lighter

00:00:00hey guys it’s Greek gadget guru I just

00:00:04want to show you my first lighter that

00:00:07started my collection it was my

00:00:09grandfather’s and it has a lot of

00:00:11sentimental value to me it’s also one of

00:00:15the coolest ones that urn because it

00:00:17runs off of a 12 volt battery

00:00:20it’s the colibri solid-state lighter

00:00:23it says no moving parts no Flint whisper

00:00:26action so here’s the original battery

00:00:31the 12 volt super battery was what they

00:00:36called it you can find those today

00:00:39they usually power like garage door

00:00:41openers but here’s the bottom it says

00:00:45Calibri Japan and it’s in really good

00:00:51condition there’s really no like

00:00:53scratches that are that noticeable

00:00:58anyway the way it worked there’s a

00:01:02little slide here and a little grill

00:01:05which allows the oxygen and you can see

00:01:08it’s moving up and down so moving it up

00:01:11just a little bit releases the gas the

00:01:13butane which is refilled right there and

00:01:16then you press it all the way up and you

00:01:18get that spark which you can see so it

00:01:24works all together just real simple cool

00:01:28design I mean this is just really sleek

00:01:32I mean imagine this like 20 years ago

00:01:36well actually it’d be like 30 years ago

00:01:38I’m not exactly sure how old this thing

00:01:40is but um if you’ve any idea you can

00:01:45post a comment let me know or send me a

00:01:48message or if you have an exact one like

00:01:51this or something similar post a video

00:01:53response cuz I really like to see it so

00:01:56there you go Colibri solid-state lighter

00:01:59thanks for watching