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DIY Ballistic Knife Pen

00:00:00here’s another office-supply weapon this

00:00:02is the clip click ballistic pen it uses

00:00:05the clip click brand pens that have a

00:00:08specific type of firing mechanism for

00:00:10using them you just press this down and

00:00:13there’s the pen and then you press it

00:00:15again and there’s two crevices so what

00:00:18we want to do is plug up that second

00:00:20crevice which will allow these this

00:00:23shuttle to shoot out and that will be

00:00:25your projectile now what I did I just

00:00:27took a piece of the pen cartridge cut

00:00:30that out and then glued it in place like

00:00:33so right there

00:00:35so what fits nice and perfect and stays

00:00:39with a superglue so then took some duct

00:00:45tape and glued I’m sorry duct taped a

00:00:48spring to the bottom I use an extra

00:00:50spring from another pen and intertwine

00:00:52the two ends right here and then that

00:00:55keeps this from coming out you put in

00:00:58the projectile your click should you

00:01:03click there you go and then fire so real

00:01:09simple porks well you can make multiple

00:01:12ones this one only has one needle what

00:01:15you’ll need to do is drill out this top

00:01:18of the cartridge I’m sorry the top of

00:01:22the pen and that allows you to put more

00:01:27needles this is three needles which kind

00:01:31of give it more of a realistic look but

00:01:34you don’t need to do this I just use

00:01:37somes brush on super glue and tape to

00:01:40keep them in place

00:01:40and then this cap can be removed like so

00:01:45and just all fits in right there so it

00:01:53works real well

00:01:53no problem simple project and don’t

00:02:00bring this to school or anything but now

00:02:03be safe have fun so

00:02:06hopefully you guys get the time to try

00:02:09this out it’s a real simple project if

00:02:12you any questions you can leave me a

00:02:13message otherwise on Facebook a lot so

00:02:17if you guys want to go ahead and like my

00:02:19page leave a few responses just comments

00:02:23on what you want to see next and leave a

00:02:26comment letting me know what you think

00:02:28so that’s basically it thanks for