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Automatic 21″ Expandable Baton

00:00:00I just got these 21 inch automatic steel

00:00:04batons in the mail I ordered them from

00:00:06the home security superstore calm it’s

00:00:11the same sight that I got my zap blast

00:00:13knuckles which is basically

00:00:14polycarbonate knuckledusters with stun

00:00:19guns built in so it’s pretty cool unique

00:00:22self-defense weapon not something you

00:00:25see every day I did a review of it if

00:00:28you want to check the video out I’ll

00:00:29leave a link in the description but for

00:00:33these they’re pretty cool pretty unique

00:00:34as well most batons need some type of

00:00:37momentum to release the sections all you

00:00:41have to do is turn off the safety by

00:00:43pushing this forward and you just press

00:00:46the button the only downfall is to get

00:00:50this retracted back in you have to put

00:00:52safety on and then oops there we go just

00:00:58slam it right in it has these little

00:01:04sort of ergonomic grip which is sort of

00:01:06nice it’s not that comfortable because

00:01:09now you have this here but you know it

00:01:12serves its purpose and like I said it is

00:01:18sort of hard to do that so you have to

00:01:23have a firm grip on it when you do it it

00:01:26comes with this decent sheath little

00:01:31carrying case for it you just slip the

00:01:35lever into this hole here and just like

00:01:43that so pretty simple it’s about it I’ll

00:01:52be probably using this for a few

00:01:56projects in the future because I don’t

00:01:59really have a use for it as a

00:02:00self-defense weapon it’s difficult to

00:02:04replicate what’s actually the same

00:02:06product so it’s easier just by this so

00:02:10that’s pretty much my reasoning behind


00:02:13that’s pretty much it so if you guys

00:02:15have any ideas of future projects how I

00:02:17could use these leave a comment below or

00:02:20you can go on my Facebook page which is slash Greek gadget guru

00:02:25leave a comment there if maybe you

00:02:27already have this and you want to just

00:02:28demo it maybe show some damaged footage

00:02:32of you know what this thing can do

00:02:34something like that

00:02:36maybe I’ll do something like that in the

00:02:37future who knows so thanks for watching

00:02:40and have a good one