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Assassins Creed “Poison” Dart Gun v2

00:00:00here’s the finished Assassin’s Creed art


00:00:03I bought this pretty nice wrist brace

00:00:06off line has a nice metal plate going

00:00:09through that’s helped support keeps my

00:00:12hand out of the way like I said in the

00:00:13prototype video so I don’t shoot myself

00:00:16same setup as before half inch PVC

00:00:20coupler half inch PVC barrel end cap

00:00:24bicycle tire valve inside after I

00:00:29drilled a hole and then this type of

00:00:31tubing can’t buy it really in bulk all

00:00:34you can do is find it and buy the actual

00:00:37ball pump kit this will be with it you

00:00:40can find them online for like $5 on eBay

00:00:43Chinese cheap stuff but this is the most

00:00:46important thing and then the innovations

00:00:48ultra flea + co2 pump with the 16 gram

00:00:52cartridge best way is to buy these in

00:00:55bulk on ebay otherwise you’re going to

00:00:59run you about five dollars a cartridge

00:01:01and any bike store so recommend that way

00:01:05I did the breech system which works

00:01:08really nice have a really good seal took

00:01:12the same pipe from before and just took

00:01:17one millimeter up and created this nice

00:01:21breech I wish you could take it out and

00:01:23show you but sort of already together

00:01:25the way you create your seal I think I’d

00:01:28explain it before you have the PVC

00:01:31around here and then you have the brass

00:01:33barrel this rubber around there is latex

00:01:36tubing you can find that at hardware

00:01:38stores you basically sort of grab one

00:01:42end pull it over the other so that

00:01:44there’s about an inch half an inch on

00:01:46the tube and then you fold it back over

00:01:49itself so it creates sort of a double

00:01:53layer and that creates a better seal

00:01:55you’ll do that at the top and at the

00:01:57bottom creating this sort of hovering

00:02:00barrel that’s suspended between your two

00:02:03rubber stoppers that you make using

00:02:06latex so hopefully that’s pretty easy to

00:02:09understand sorry I don’t have like a

00:02:11step-by-step but

00:02:13you guys are smart and if you really

00:02:15want this you’ll make it so that’s how I

00:02:18do it

00:02:19and this right here is a buckle strap

00:02:23just something I had in my room and a

00:02:27nice thing also about this type of wrist

00:02:31brace it has this velcro soft padding

00:02:36that you can attach any of your gadgets

00:02:39to it so what I’m planning on doing in

00:02:41the future is making other types of risk

00:02:44gadgets because they’re pretty cool

00:02:47if you guys want to leave any comments

00:02:48suggestions on my facebook leave me a


00:02:52whatever open to any suggestions but the

00:02:58nice thing about that velcro I can buy

00:03:00the velcro with adhesive and attach that

00:03:04to whatever gadget and then you can add

00:03:07it right to the wrist brace so it’s

00:03:11pretty versatile so here’s how the

00:03:15breach works here’s the ammo type these

00:03:18are the predators these are the smaller

00:03:22spear heads and the needs are the longer

00:03:24spear heads here’s a little size

00:03:26comparison just about an inch extra

00:03:30these fly pretty well these go a little

00:03:34farther just as a higher weight and this

00:03:37is the lower caliber the lowest caliber

00:03:39of the blowgun that you can find so so

00:03:45you just move the breech place your

00:03:50animal close it up and then my target is

00:03:55this cardboard you can see it’s pretty

00:03:58thick it’s got decent amount of weight

00:04:00to it so when you see it move you know

00:04:05that there’s a good amount of power

00:04:07coming out of the the gun so basically

00:04:11I’m just going to go like this and then

00:04:13you just tap it for about a second pull

00:04:18that word wonder why that happened I

00:04:21don’t think it was fully in the barrel I

00:04:24think it fell up to the bare

00:04:26there we go that was a great first

00:04:29attempt there we go

00:04:35show you again breach load oh that was a

00:04:44really good one and I’ll show another

00:04:55there is that one that one like embedded

00:05:05itself into the cardboard and then

00:05:09here’s the couple of the arrow types

00:05:11they work in the breech as well because

00:05:13I made it large enough you just

00:05:16basically have to bend it a little bit

00:05:18it goes in it just sits right in there

00:05:23close the breech you may not think the

00:05:26breech is very necessary but in the

00:05:28future I might make some different ammo

00:05:30types that might be more airtight

00:05:34instead of ramming it down the barrel

00:05:36with a ramrod like a like a muzzle

00:05:39loader this would suffice better

00:06:00and here’s the larger ones I’ll do two

00:06:03of those

00:06:20and this is pretty close but you will

00:06:23get some pretty good ranges on these

00:06:30also the the angle that I’m shooting at

00:06:33and the way that this target is isn’t

00:06:36really work that well so I’ll shoot one

00:06:38straight on so you can see how far it’ll

00:06:41penetrate because basically it’s going

00:06:45as far as it can go diagonally it’s not

00:06:48really working too well that will missed

00:06:55more all right

00:07:05so pretty good here’s the target these

00:07:09work pretty well and then the needles

00:07:15went in pretty far so it works pretty

00:07:19good the seal on the breech is about as

00:07:23good as it gets and pretty happy with it

00:07:27so like I said this is removable so you

00:07:31just go like that and then double up

00:07:37that’s basically what you have here’s

00:07:41the the brace three straps this slice

00:07:50right off it’s pretty nice

00:07:54works well it’s versatile so I can use

00:07:57this for other gadgets so hope you guys

00:08:03enjoyed and thanks for watching