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$7 Mini Rocket Launcher Multitool

00:00:00here’s my army knife rocket launcher I

00:00:02bought this pretty cool lighter slash

00:00:06Army knife offline it has a knife bottle


00:00:11scissors on the side and what’s cool is

00:00:15it has this lighter built in so I just

00:00:18thought of a cool idea to make a

00:00:20survival missile launcher you could use

00:00:23this if you get stranded in the woods

00:00:26and you need to signal for help or

00:00:28something like that or you could just

00:00:31fire rockets because it’s fun so I have

00:00:34this end cap which you can find at Home

00:00:37Depot or any any home improvement store

00:00:40just a little bit of duct tape to add a

00:00:42little bit I think these are 3/8 inch

00:00:46but I could be wrong

00:00:49same on the other side and I cut a slit

00:00:52and this so that the wick can stick out

00:00:56in my other video with my bully bottle

00:01:00rocket launcher I did the same design a

00:01:02rear loads and the barrel is extendable

00:01:06so that it’s a little more accurate just

00:01:12kind of looks cool actually

00:01:13so you reload it like so poke the wick

00:01:18through the slit that close it up

00:01:27there you go

00:01:30so then you just move this back aim your

00:01:35target and see if this works

00:01:51ah my ears so bad uh so I think I had a

00:02:01little too much in the barrel that

00:02:04exploded like maybe maybe five feet away

00:02:09from me my my ears are ringing pretty

00:02:11bad but that’s alright let’s try another


00:02:17so reloading again cross my fingers that

00:02:23I don’t blow my eardrum out again really

00:02:29fucking hurt so there we go

00:02:44so not really accurate but they’re still

00:02:48pretty cool I’ll do one more and then I

00:02:51got a call at night because my neighbors

00:02:54hate to me all right see if I can get

00:03:04this one a little more accurate so one

00:03:07more time all you do just do that ready

00:03:12to go

00:03:18okay so nice smoke and that’s pretty

00:03:26much it so let me know what you guys

00:03:31think I probably should just leave this

00:03:34one to me not the best idea I’ve ever


00:03:37still fun to just make it in the first

00:03:41place I would suggest but picking up one

00:03:50of these they’re pretty cool pretty

00:03:51cheap and maybe make your own type of

00:03:57hack or modification to it it’s pretty

00:04:01cool pretty cheap lighter I’m not sure

00:04:03if they have any more on the site I just

00:04:05got it off eBay but good luck to

00:04:07everyone and I got to go to bed so

00:04:11thanks for watching