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English Vocabulary – Shaving & facial hair styles


00:00:03hello everyone it’s me this lesson today

00:00:06is vocabulary lesson people usually see

00:00:11me and I always have a big beard and

00:00:14they usually ask like how long did it

00:00:17take to grow you know does it get itchy

00:00:19thing like that the thing is I don’t

00:00:22actually grow it I’m a bit of a cheater

00:00:25what I have here is my magic razor and

00:00:29what I do I shave here at the moment I

00:00:33am clean-shaven so this is clean-shaven

00:00:40so this is stubble stubble is when it’s

00:00:45about 2 or 3 days growth so this is a

00:00:49stubble now I’m going to show you what

00:00:53are the stashes so after the stubble we

00:01:00have some stache here we have many many

00:01:04different types and the starches you can

00:01:06have a curly mustache if it’s long down

00:01:10here it’s a handlebar mustache and then

00:01:13now I will show you what a goatee is


00:01:21this bit here is the e is called a

00:01:25goatee so this is when it’s really long

00:01:28on your chin so you have a goatee here

00:01:32and then this bit here we call the

00:01:35flavor saver because sometimes when you

00:01:37eat from unum and you get food trapped

00:01:41in your beard in here you can taste it


00:01:44not that so this is called a goatee


00:02:01these are called sidebands this thing

00:02:05here is called the box beer is the

00:02:10mustache and the goatee together and

00:02:12it’s called a box beer

00:02:14mostly idiots have these and then next

00:02:19up I’m going to show you what beer is


00:02:31this is the beard beard and that’s how I

00:02:37grow it thank you very much and

00:02:39hopefully I will see you sooner rather

00:02:41than later