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Asking questions in the passive voice (Part 2 of 2) – Learn the passive – Part 3

00:00:00so let’s look at this grammar in more

00:00:02detail a normal or active question looks

00:00:07like this did Tom kill Ally here Tom is

00:00:12the subject which did the action kill is

00:00:16the verb and the object which received

00:00:19the action is ally and it’s a question

00:00:21in the past tense easy right so the

00:00:25passive changes the order of the

00:00:27sentence the object takes place of the

00:00:29subject so the object which is now the

00:00:33subject ally comes to the start now we

00:00:37need a verb both sides of the subject

00:00:39and which two things do we use on a

00:00:41passive B and a past participle B goes

00:00:46before the subject but which form of B

00:00:50well it’s in the past tense and it’s

00:00:52singular so was and the verb is in the

00:00:56past participle form or verb three form

00:00:59so killed becomes killed and goes just

00:01:02after after the verb we need by so the

00:01:08whole question looks like this was Ali

00:01:11killed by Tom I didn’t do it I didn’t do

00:01:19it it wasn’t me it wasn’t me so yeah if

00:01:24we don’t care about the subject this

00:01:26question are you arresting me can become

00:01:31this question am I being arrested

00:01:34remember if we don’t care about the

00:01:37subject just don’t say it in present

00:01:40perfect this question have the police

00:01:44arrested you before is a good example of

00:01:47using the passive because the subject is

00:01:50obvious so we won’t say it and it

00:01:53becomes this question have you been

00:01:56arrested before no never


00:02:02in the future tense this question will

00:02:07you send me to prison in the passive for

00:02:11the future becomes this will I be sent

00:02:14to prison and these are all questions

00:02:17with yes or no answers but with a

00:02:20question word where what who when why

00:02:23those are easy to just put the question

00:02:26word at the beginning of the question

00:02:28for example who is going to kill tom

00:02:32that’s an active question but in a

00:02:34passive looks like this

00:02:36who is Tom going to be killed by happy

00:02:41with the grammar ok test time