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A, AN, THE – Articles in English

00:00:00it’s another question from students this

00:00:04one is asking about articles

00:00:05specifically the definite article the

00:00:08when we use it and when we don’t

00:00:10specifically with plural nouns thanks

00:00:13for the question

00:00:14really good one and we get asked a lot

00:00:16about articles articles are very

00:00:18confusing for students because some

00:00:20languages don’t use them and the ones

00:00:23which do don’t usually have the same

00:00:25rules as us so let’s start with the easy

00:00:28one the indefinite articles a and an

00:00:34these are easy you have a singular

00:00:37countable noun

00:00:38you put a or an in front of the noun for

00:00:41example one iPhone an iPhone a fairy why

00:00:46are you here again you’re always here

00:00:49ruining the lesson yeah no one likes you

00:00:52but yeah I suppose I mean you can count

00:00:55that one fairy two fairies really sick

00:01:00okay so one fairy is a fairy ello mate

00:01:05that’s your first rule a singular

00:01:09countable noun we use out and another

00:01:12rule for the indefinite articles at and

00:01:14an remember these are indefinite or

00:01:17nonspecific when you mention something

00:01:21for the first time in a story the

00:01:23listener doesn’t specifically know which

00:01:26object you’re talking about so we use

00:01:28that again for singular countable nouns

00:01:31for example I met a girl yesterday

00:01:34I killed a theory today late what we use

00:01:44the the definite article when we’re

00:01:46talking about a specific group of

00:01:48something or one singular noun which is

00:01:52specific and we both know which now and

00:01:54we’re talking about so for example I

00:01:57killed a fairy today both don’t know

00:02:01which fairy in the second sentence I’m

00:02:04referencing the same fairy again

00:02:07so I say I killed our fairy today

00:02:10I killed the fairy the fairy because it

00:02:14was stupid I’m not dead pretty hard

00:02:19though huh that’s blood yep I’ve lead in

00:02:28her call me an ambulance so those with

00:02:33singular countable nouns

00:02:34we’re being general we use app we’re

00:02:38being specific we use the but your

00:02:41question is about plural nouns and when

00:02:43we use and don’t use them easy you just

00:02:46have to apply that logic to plural nouns

00:02:49remember with singular nouns we were

00:02:51being general we used app where we were

00:02:53being specific that with plural nouns

00:02:57it’s the same logic when we talk about a

00:03:00specific group we use the example let’s

00:03:04see Russian people are very nice but the

00:03:08Russian people I’ve met specific group

00:03:12though Russian people I’ve met are crazy

00:03:15I’m joking Russians you’re cool another

00:03:18example babies are very annoying babies

00:03:22are very annoying so I’m being general

00:03:24when it’s a plural noun we don’t use any

00:03:26article remember a single nouns we used

00:03:29at for a general situation plural nouns

00:03:32we don’t use any articles for being

00:03:34general babies are annoying

00:03:37however the babies in my family are very

00:03:42cute I said the babies because this is a

00:03:45specific group of babies general no

00:03:49article specific group though that’s

00:03:54with plural nouns remember again with

00:03:57singular nouns general app-specific

00:04:00the plural nouns general no article

00:04:04specific though we use this one we want

00:04:07to indicate a specific group or a

00:04:09specific thing which we both understand

00:04:12another example with babies imagine

00:04:15you’re sitting on a plane and you feel


00:04:20the baby behind me is very annoying I

00:04:23say that because we both understand

00:04:26which baby

00:04:27I wouldn’t say for example a baby behind

00:04:30me is annoying no I’m not being general

00:04:33and being specific there are many more

00:04:34rules with articles and I think we’ll do

00:04:36another one later explaining all of the

00:04:39rules but I hope that answers your

00:04:41question on plural nouns and when we use

00:04:43and don’t use the definite article the

00:04:47bye bye