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Start a Fire With a Water Bottle

00:00:07normally we think of using water to put

00:00:10out a fire but in this video you’ll

00:00:12learn how to use water to start them


00:00:29if you’re ever lost in a survival

00:00:31situation here’s a little trick you’re

00:00:33going to be so glad to know to practice

00:00:35this technique we’ll use three sheets of

00:00:37paper and a water bottle paper with

00:00:39black ink is easy to practice with so

00:00:41let’s get started making this top sheet

00:00:43into a platform by folding it in half

00:00:45three different ways the black ink is

00:00:47showing and that’s a good thing so now

00:00:49we can prepare these other two sheets by

00:00:51cutting or ripping them in half this

00:00:53gives us four pieces and we can fold

00:00:55each of them in half so that their

00:00:56crease down the middle alright time for

00:00:58the action we’ll need to remove the

00:00:59label from this little bottle and use

00:01:01the convex edge as a makeshift

00:01:03magnifying glass to focus the sunlight

00:01:05it only takes a few seconds to get this

00:01:07paper smoking and pretty soon we’ve got

00:01:09it smoldering when the hole is about the

00:01:11size of a quarter we’ll need to slowly

00:01:13add multiple layers of papers swinging

00:01:15it around gently will help the air get

00:01:17to the embers and when they get hot

00:01:19enough a flame appears that’s it in a


00:01:22but in practice you’ll probably find

00:01:23that it’s not quite as easy as it looks

00:01:25so here are a few tips and tricks to

00:01:27help you master your technique first of

00:01:29all use a bottle with clear plastic and

00:01:31remove the label the top should be

00:01:33smooth and rounded so that magnifies the

00:01:35image on the other side I’ve been

00:01:37successful with colored bottles like

00:01:39this green 2-liter and this little blue

00:01:41eight ounce bottle but the color absorbs

00:01:43some of the sun’s energy it makes it a

00:01:45lot more difficult to get a call the

00:01:47color of the liquid also needs to be as

00:01:48clear as possible but in desperate

00:01:50situations it is possible to light a

00:01:52fire with your pee look for how to do

00:01:54that in a different project if you’re

00:01:56using paper for tinder use something

00:01:58with big black letters or pictures or

00:02:00rub some dirt on it because the black

00:02:02absorbs the heat trying to do this on a

00:02:04white piece of paper is just going to

00:02:05frustrate you when focusing the light

00:02:07hold the bottle close to the paper and

00:02:09slowly back it away shifting the bottle

00:02:11around to find the area where the

00:02:13majority of light is concentrated it

00:02:15should be very bright and start smoking

00:02:17within a few seconds keep the light

00:02:19focused until a hole begins to burn and

00:02:21grows to about the size of a quarter at

00:02:23this point you can gently set the embers

00:02:25in the creased part of another paper and

00:02:27hold it loosely at the corner tight

00:02:29enough so that the embers are in contact

00:02:30but loose enough to allow plenty of air

00:02:32to flow when the embers have burned a

00:02:34hole through the sheet add another one

00:02:36in the same way pinching the corner and

00:02:38holding loosely

00:02:39as the heat builds and the process is

00:02:41repeated two more times you should have

00:02:43a billowing bundle of smoke it’s at this

00:02:45point you can blow forcefully into the

00:02:47embers and voila

00:02:48a healthy flame this is the technique

00:02:50that I’ve had the most success with it

00:02:52should work for you but might take a

00:02:54little practice if you try this at home

00:02:56you may be surprised to learn that you

00:02:58can rub the ashes into your lawn the

00:03:00potassium phosphorous and calcium in the

00:03:02ashes make great lawn fertilizer so long

00:03:04as it’s in small quantities for another

00:03:06challenge try this with water and a

00:03:08plastic sandwich bag I found those can

00:03:10work as well well now you know how to

00:03:12start a fire with your water bottle if

00:03:14you like this project perhaps you’ll

00:03:15like some of my others check them out at

00:03:17the king of random calm