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Rockin’ Paper Plate Speaker

00:00:00a paper plate speaker for less than a

00:00:09dollar really is too good to be true if

00:00:11you’re trying to make it with aluminum

00:00:13foil and a penny there’s a better way to

00:00:15do it

00:00:16so in this project we’re going to figure

00:00:17out exactly how to get this paper plate

00:00:19to make some noise the idea of making a

00:00:36speaker out of a paper plate is

00:00:38intriguing and to do it for under a buck

00:00:40is even better but first we have to

00:00:42understand how a speaker works i’ve

00:00:43still got these 8 ohm speakers from a TV

00:00:46i salvaged in previous video and i’ll

00:00:48sacrifice this one in the name of

00:00:49discovery i’ll use a utility knife to

00:00:52cut the cone away from the surround

00:00:53exposing the basket as well as this

00:00:55yellow diaphragm known as a spider I’ll

00:00:57cut through that and snip these two

00:00:59wires and I’m impressed at how simple a

00:01:01speaker really is the bottom of the

00:01:03basket is attached to a strong ceramic

00:01:05magnet with a hole just big enough to

00:01:07allow this voice coil to vibrate in oK

00:01:09we’ve got the basics now let’s see if we

00:01:11can make one we can use a foam bowl for

00:01:13the basket an 8 and 1/2 inch paper plate

00:01:15for the speaker cone 6 button magnets

00:01:18and a piece of printer paper to form the

00:01:20voice coil this brings our prorated cost

00:01:22to about 80 cents for the soon-to-be

00:01:24speaker but what about insulated copper

00:01:26wire that can be expensive and where do

00:01:28we get it well almost anything

00:01:30electronic will have some you just have

00:01:32to know where to look I know there’s

00:01:33some inside this old TV but I don’t have

00:01:35a sledgehammer to bust it open so I’m

00:01:37gonna have to get creative

00:01:41okay I’m down to the circuit boards and

00:01:42there’s the piece that I’m after a small

00:01:45audio transformer these things are

00:01:47packed tight with the perfect wire for

00:01:48this project I’ll use my pipe wrench

00:01:50pliers rip that off the board then use

00:01:52my bench vise to correct the ceramic

00:01:54casing off I’ll peel off the insulating

00:01:56tape and voila we’ve got ourselves a

00:01:58nice roll of insulated copper wire for

00:02:00free okay we’re ready to start building

00:02:02so let’s make the voice coil first start

00:02:05by cutting a few strips of paper and

00:02:06rolling them around the stack of magnets

00:02:08once we have a couple layers taped in

00:02:10place we can use a hot glue stick to

00:02:11help unravel some wire wrap the wire

00:02:14about 50 times and then use some hot

00:02:15glue to keep it in place when that’s

00:02:17cool we can pull the magnets in the

00:02:19inside layers of paper out leaving just

00:02:21this shell the voice coil is done but

00:02:23it’s too long so let’s snip it to size

00:02:25and then hot glue it to the bottom side

00:02:27of the paper plate while that’s drying

00:02:29we can cut some holes in the sides of

00:02:31the bowl to make it look more like a

00:02:32proper speaker basket the next step is

00:02:34to hot glue our magnet stack to the

00:02:36bottom and slide the coil over top to

00:02:38see how it fits it moves freely because

00:02:40of the gap we made earlier and it’s

00:02:42looking good

00:02:42so now we can hot glue the plate to the

00:02:44bowl and hit it with a little spray

00:02:45paint for aesthetics when the paint

00:02:48dries there’s only one thing left to do

00:02:50and that’s remove the coating from the

00:02:51ends of the wires so I’ll do that with a

00:02:53lighter okay it’s ready for a test so

00:02:55I’m hooking it up to my TV with some

00:02:57alligator clips to see what happens well

00:03:00there you go

00:03:00our $0.80 speaker is working and if a

00:03:03paper plate speaker for less than a

00:03:04dollar really is too good to be true

00:03:06then we can call this part of the myth

00:03:08on busted but it’s not very loud the

00:03:11magnets are cheap and weak so let’s try

00:03:13something stronger I’ve got a super

00:03:15strong one-inch and 48 neodymium magnet

00:03:18I just got in the mail we can roll that

00:03:20up and add some 26 gauge wire that came

00:03:22out of a sump pump motor and hot glue to

00:03:24secure it the magnet and inner layers

00:03:26come out and the paper gets trimmed to

00:03:28size hot glue that to the plate and glue

00:03:30the lead wires right about here this

00:03:32time let’s use another plate as our base

00:03:34and these markings are for some supports

00:03:36we’ll need to build those can be made

00:03:38out of a third plate just by trimming

00:03:39out the bottom fold

00:03:41accordion-style and cutting into two

00:03:42pieces I’m gluing them to our base plate

00:03:45with the feet facing inward and these

00:03:46will act as a type of shock absorber for

00:03:48the speaker plate now we can add some

00:03:50glue to the tops and join them to the

00:03:52plate making sure the coil is over top

00:03:54the magnet a quick manual test and it

00:03:56seems a suspension on this is perfect

00:03:58I’ll burn the coating off the tips the

00:04:00wires and now it’s time to test this one

00:04:02out I’m disconnecting the external

00:04:03speakers from my TV and using these

00:04:05alligator clips to connect the leads to

00:04:07our plate I’m anxious to see how the

00:04:09paper plate does with a stronger magnet

00:04:12for this project I’ll meet my neighbor

00:04:15Trevor gave me these okay I pick up

00:04:17anything that’s pretty impressive I’ll

00:04:19use this one raising to think that all

00:04:20that sound is coming from this flimsy

00:04:22little plate but it is just for fun I’m

00:04:25gonna pour in some water to see what


00:04:33and that’s probably the coolest thing

00:04:35I’ve seen all day

00:04:36well that was a fun project we

00:04:38unbustable living room that’s it for now

00:04:42if you like this project perhaps you’ll

00:04:44like some of my others check them out at

00:04:46the king of random calm